$100.00 / mo – 6 months

The Borinsura dance teams are a great way to increase your personal level of dancing and gain confidence on the dance floor. Amneris will work alongside you to implement fundamentals from Afro and Son into your dance and teach you the tricks of her body movement so that you won’t look stiff when you social dance. Last but not least, Amneris will have you doing your basics like never before!


$100/ Month – For In-person and Online team members

Online Teams rehearse on Wednesdays from 5:00PM – 6:00PM EST starting, May 3rd. Amneris will also be open to questions after 6:00pm. Questions are alway welcome!

Online Teams: If you can’t attend the live stream of the rehearsals, the video will be recorded for you to watch at a better time based on your location time.

Please note that it is your responsibility to watch the videos and learn the choreography as well as to reach out to Amneris when you have questions so that you can stay on top of the choreography.

Rehearsals usually take place at: Pearl Studios 500 8TH AVE. Please note that sometimes we may have to rehearse at Ripley Grier Studios 520 W 8TH AVE but will be noted in advance.

In-person rehearsals includes:

  • 45 mins. Warm up – Training technique
  • 75 mins of choreography

Amneris is one of the top female dancers from the last 2 decades, she will help you work on techniques that help your social dancing, such as how to move your body better while doing your steps but most of all how to look natural, beautiful and confident on the dance floor.

In- person:

TeamPerformance is highly encouraged when being a part of the team, but you must be very comfortable with the choreography shown to you. Performing at all events is not expected but you should be available for at least one of the planned performances. Once the team starts, further discussions on performance dates will be shared.



As long as you are an active/ registered Borinsura member, you can let Amneris know when you are in NYC to check for performance dates. PLUS, if there are multiple team members in your city/country that want to get together and perform in your city/country, this can happen too!*

*Please note that active Borinsura  Members can perform together/ solo in a country abroad from the U.S. 

The teams will meet weekly ongoing. We highly encourage you to commit to the teams for at least six months.  If you have questions about commitment times, please email